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Red Raven 4.5k

Black Magic Pocket 4k

Sony fx30

Sony a6500



For the red i have 3 disks 500gb, 250gb and 120gb

For the black magic i have one 500gb

Also i have some 64gb SD cards

Lens/ Adapter

Sigma 18-35 Ef

Tokina 11-16 Ef

Make s35 prime T2.1 Ef

Sigma 16mm E

Sigma 54mm E

Sony 35mm E

Viltrox mount adapter Ef-M1 (Ef-M43 without speedbooster)

Metabones Speedbooster Ef-M43


2x Aputure 200d

1x godox defuser with grid 60x90

2x Aputure P60x

2x Nanlite Pavotube 15C

2x Philips Smart E14 LED 470lm Dimmable also you can change kelvin

1x TOLIFO 176 LED (5500k)


Ronin rs3 Pro


Mavic Air 1

Microphone/ Recorder

Rode wireless pro

Rode go 1

Rode VideoMic Pro Rycote 

Zoom H1

Zoom Podtrak ​

Behringer B1

Audio-technica AT2020


3x 150Wh V-mount battery (for camera & light)

3x 7200mAh NP-F960A/NP-F970A (for led light)

1x 74400mAh NP-F960A/NP-F970A (for led light)

4x NP-FW50 (for sony camera)


Easyrig minimax

Nucleus-M Wireless Focus

Title Advanced Ring Grip for DJI Ronin

Accsoon cineeye 2

PortKeys PT5 II (monitor)

Diat Tripod Kit With KS10 Fluid Drag Head (Load 7kg, 1,80m)

4x Baofeng bf-888s walkie talkie

Black Promist 1/4 77mm

Hoya Pro ND32 72mm  

Andoer ND1000 77mm

Hoya CIR-PL slim 72mm

1x c-stand 

4x light stand

2x Light stands for lights 

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