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Directing and Creating
Cinematic Film

In case you are looking to have a shooting, I would be more than happy to undertake the whole process of directing, director of photography or work with you either from start to finish or to complete your project with a cinematic point of view. Whichever the case, it would be my pleasure to work with you and turn your ideas into reality.

Video Editing & Color Grading

I can take over the montage and coloring of your project from start to finish and make the producted video exactly as suspenseful and intense as it should be.

Work over the Internet

Work is done mainly over the Internet as time can be easily arranged this way. Communication with clients becomes more and quality of work is greatly amplified as distance is more of an advantage in this job. The desired results will be achieved in a better way with everyone having their own schedule of work but a mutual deadline.

Commercial Cinematography

Now, more than ever, advertisement plays a crucial role in companies standing out. Together, we can create one (or more) promotional videos for your company, a single product or a service you provide in order to let the world know more about your unique activities.

Music Video Production

Music Videos are one of the best ways to present yourself to the world as an artist. Through your music video in the world wide web, your audience can learn much more about your artistic approach, as well as your general aesthetics. Therefore, if you plan on shooting something unique, it would be my pleasure to undertake its production and bring it to life.

Ceremony Cinematography

Weddings and Christenings are extremely special days in the life of a couple. It is a great pleasure for us to work with you and help create a cinematic video which you can always look back to and relive the feelings of that day.



My name is Jim Georgosopoulos and I have a passion for visual story telling. Since I was 10 years old I had already gotten into filmmaking and some script writing. As I grew up, my decision was to study at the Department of Audio and Visual Arts at the Ionian University of Corfu, Greece, where I dug even deeper in how cinemas work and learned the steps needed in making a fully professional movie. Following that, there were many collaborations involving all sorts of projects related to cinema, but I soon came to the realization that nothing could be compared with making my own videos.

As of today, that goal of mine stands still. Every new project I take is a new story, waiting to be told in one of many different ways. That’s the reason I created this page, after all. With every new project, comes the chance for me to meet new people, engage in conversations and optimize my ideas, which is what maximizes the quality of the end result.

In my opinion, it is extremely important that every client or co-worker views our collaboration as a unique experience. When shooting is taking place, no matter if it’s for a wedding or a movie that has professional actors, my biggest concern is for everyone involved to be feeling comfortable. After all, the shooting will be representing a memory, so my job is to make this memory as beautiful as it can be. Not every person gets to be involved in shooting session in their lives, which is why when someone does, I try to pass on my enthusiasm about this art form as much as possible, so we can all have a great time as well, while shooting.

Regarding the visual results now, every project, independently of its budget, has to have a cinematic point of view. From my personal experience, this does not depend on the cost of someone’s equipment, but on the filmmaker alone. In films, the way something is said is of much greater importance than what is actually being said, giving great weight on not only how a scene is set, but also how it’s used later in montage. One of the greatest reasons why I’m confident about my work, is the fact that throughout the years I’ve worked in many different employers and projects being responsible of the montage process as well, which gives me an insight of how filmed scenes are used and how to maximize every scene’s potential to the very max.

If you are interested in working with someone for your commercial, wedding, music video or any other project related, my collaborators and I would be more than happy to work with you and turn your ideas into reality.

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They worked with us

We first communicated with Jim, in a hurry situation where deadlines were tight and he made us proud for our choice. His ability to work both on his own style and on a requested one makes him a true professional video editor. He is a musician as well so he is able to mix not only images and footage together but to create unique emotions through his visual storytelling. A trustworthy talented young professional video editor!


Jim is a highly professional and passionate videographer who delivers excellent results.
We managed to complete a very demanding project with only a week's notice and what was important is that we all were on the same page during the whole production and communication was perfect.
He did everything we asked and went above and beyond. Very responsive, very easy to work with, will definitely work with Jim again on our future projects!

Ioannis Anastassakis

Jim has been a great addition to my video team. He is hard-working, punctual, flexible and able to both follow instructions and give artistic input to our projects. I would highly recommend him for any kind of video/multimedia work.

Caxton Manor

We enjoyed working with Jim and his team. Before the event they were very responsive to all questions and were very thorough with their requests for details so that they could provide us with the best service possible. On the event days the team were present, focussed and great fun to work with; all video deliverables were submitted on time and as we asked. Great experience all the way around!





Ioannis Anastassakis

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