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5 + 1 Reasons You Need to Collaborate with a Director of Photography Today

So, you’re done with your script, you’ve found the actors, and you’re all set to go. However, before you start shooting, there is still one important thing to do: get a director of photography. It doesn’t matter what kind of video you want to shoot, commercial or short film, a good director of photography can turn your project into a cinematic looking video.

But what is a director of photography? Also referred to as DP, or cinematographer, this is the person responsible for the look of the video. The director of photography will take into consideration the vision of the director and will elevate it, by examining all of the elements that affect the way a video looks. This is the reason why, many of the great directors cooperate most of the times with a particular DP.

In order to bring your vision to life, the director of photography will control everything that might potentially affect the things captured by the camera. Namely, he is responsible for the camera and the lightning, and will also choose lenses and filters.

Here, we present you the reasons why you need to find a good director of photography, or a cinematic production company right away:

1. Cinematic Lighting will Elevate your Project

Lighting is very important for the overall look of your project. When planning the production of your video, you might not take lighting into consideration. However, its absence will get noticed right away. Cinematic lighting, can indeed bring a more professional look to your video. It will capture the viewers’ attention, and make it look like a high-budget production.

2. You can Focus on the Directing Part

While creating a project, your mind might drift to various aspects. By having an experienced director of photography, you will no longer have to worry about the lighting and the camera set-ups. This way, you can only focus on how to polish your project with your detailed directing.

3. Good Lighting will Eliminate Issues in your Shots

A common issue when the lighting isn’t done right, is the existence of noise in the image. Some of these issues are so important that are difficult to eliminate. This might lead to reshooting, pushing the project deadline even further. So, a director of photography will help you save time.

4. Makes the Post-production Process Easier

Colour grading tweaks the look and colour of the film. The director of photography is responsible for the film’s colour palette. By having a correctly lit source material, it will be easier for you to follow the DP’s advices on how the colour palette should be, and thus creating a cinematic looking video much quicker.

5. Cinematic Lighting is a Narrative on its Own

Film lighting can really show the viewers when a film is set, where their focus should be, and how they should respond throughout the movie. It is so essential to the construction of each scene, that at times, it can express the feelings of the characters without a single line of dialogue. This way, you will be able to use all the elements of the project as narrative mediums, and add to an actor’s performance.

6. A Director of Photography will Help you with Any Important Decision you Need to Make

The director of photography will not just decide on how to light each scene. He will help you scout the ideal locations for the shooting, and survey the natural light of each one – or the lack of it. This way, he will be able to advise you on the equipment you will need, like the exact cameras, lenses, and filters, that will create a cinematic looking video.

You can now understand the importance of finding a good director of photography, or a cinematic production company. If you want to make your project shine, don’t hesitate and hire one as soon as possible!


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