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5 Things to Do Before Choosing a Video Production Company for your Wedding Video

A lot can go wrong with a wedding. Last-minute guests, delays in flower delivery, the bride or groom doesn't show up...on time, relax! Your wedding video should be one less thing to worry about. All it takes is some careful research to find the right video production company. Read on to discover 5 things you must do before choosing a video production company for your cinematic wedding video.

1. Watch out for...spoilers

It goes without saying that you are going to ask for a wedding video sample. When you watch it, pay extra attention to what's going on in the background. Yes, the shooting angle flatters the bride's figure, the sun going down behind the hill is magical – but wait, is that a garbage bin at the bottom left corner? Oversights like that compromise video quality and indicate they don't do a thorough job. In other words, you should expect more of that in your own wedding video.

2. Make sure they have high-quality equipment

A cinematic wedding video must have excellent audio and visual quality, even when the shooting conditions are not ideal. Let the video production company know what to expect: dim lights during the first dance or inside the church, inclined ground, street noise... Ask them how they handle these situations. Do their cameras perform well under low-light conditions, or will they use lights a lot (and annoy your guests)? They should also have external audio recorders and several types of microphones. If they rely merely on the built-in audio recorders of their cameras, the quality of the sound will be mediocre.

3. Check their website

A company's website speaks volumes about their professionalism. Modern design and easy navigation are great indicators that they take their job and customers seriously. Therefore, they are likely to know the current wedding videography trends and have the latest equipment in place. While you're at it, check their social media profiles as well to find reviews from previous customers.

4. Can you feel it?

Even if you don't know the first thing about wedding videography, you'll recognize a cinematic wedding video when you see it. It will get you all captivated and welled up. Slow motion shots, scenes fading into darkness, a combination of different angles and cuts, and soft music are tested techniques that create a cinematic feel and bring tears to our eyes.

While certain video shooting and editing techniques are effective, nothing beats genuine emotions and spontaneous reactions. If you have any special moments coming up, like a surprise guest for example, let your wedding videographer know in advance so that they sneak in and capture the moment.

5. Get to know your wedding videographer

This is important for two reasons. First, to discuss practical matters like the cost, what style of wedding video you prefer, etc. Secondly, to figure out whether you get along and communicate well. Keep in mind that they'll be filming you for the best part of a rather busy and emotional day, so you must feel comfortable around them.

The right video production company for your wedding video is just around the corner. Pretty much like you chose your significant other, make sure you know what you want in the first place, keep your eyes open for deal breakers, and ultimately go with your instincts.

Happy wedding filming!


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