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Why it is better to book separate Videography and Photography Specialists for your Wedding

A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, and that’s why you need to capture it in the best way possible. Nowadays, it is prevalent for the couples to book a photographer and videographer to keep the memories of their special day alive. In most of the cases, the couples choose the same professional company for both of those tasks. However, we recommend you that it would be to your advantage to find two different companies for those two aspects of the capturing of your wedding.

In this article, we will go through all of the reasons that videography and photography should be done by different companies.

Each professional specializes in either Videography or Photography

Even though most companies have professionals working for them trained to do both, it is rare that you will find one that is equally good in videography and photography. So, in order for you to get the best result possible, it would be best to book two separate companies – one that will be responsible for the photographs and one responsible for the video capture of your wedding.

A photography-focused company has a different perspective from the Videography-focused one

Due to the fact that each company specializes in different things, it is easy to imagine that they also have developed different perspectives in their overall works as well. On the one hand, wedding photography might include all of the pre-wedding events, as well as special photo shootings after the ceremony, or even some days later. On the other hand, wedding videography is responsible for capturing on camera all of the special moments. So, because those tasks are that different, the professionals that will undertake the tasks must apply different perspectives and styles.

The technique required for Videography and Photography are different

Despite the fact that both photography and videography use cameras, they require totally different techniques. This happens because the two tasks are so different, from the shots that they require, to the interaction with the couple. For example, the videographer has only one chance to get the wedding right, while the photographer can take multiple shots, even when the ceremony is in progress.

So, if you book two companies that specialize in each of those two things, you can be sure that you will get beautiful results. Each company will have the most updated equipment for each tasks, and the professionals working for them will be thoroughly trained on the most advanced techniques.

Different shooting styles between Videography and Photography

As it’s easy to understand photography has more to do with still objects, while videography is more about the motion. In order for a single company to be able to capture in a cinematic and dynamic way, they must adopt the appropriate to each medium shooting style.

However, because the aim of those two tasks is so different – in one case to capture the small moments of the wedding in snapshots, the other to capture the whole ceremony by creating a visual memory – it might be difficult the get the best result possible, as the focus will be divided into the two tasks. For this reason, it’s recommended that it will be better executed by two different companies that have the corresponding expertise.

Different interaction needed with the couple

This point is closely related to the previous one. On the one hand, the photographer needs the couple to stand still, or take some poses that will showcase their love. On the other hand, the videographer seeks to capture the natural and true signs of the couple’s love, by getting their spontaneous reactions. When you book two companies that specialize in those different things, they can guide and advise you on the way you should stand, in order to have the perfect result.

For all these reasons, it is essential that you book two different companies for your wedding – one photography-focused and one videography-focused. This way you can ensure that you will have the photographs and video that your special day deserves.


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