7 Tips to Create a Cinematic Commercial Video

Ενημερώθηκε: 5 Μαρ 2019

A commercial video can make or break product sales, especially when you have a small or mid-sized business that is still building its clientele. Video ads on social media are your best option – they cost less than TV commercials and they give you a better chance of reaching the right audience. In this post, we'll share 7 tips to create a cinematic commercial video for social media to get your message across and impress your audience!

1. Reflect your brand image

Your brand image must be distinctive and consistent. In the same spirit, your commercial must be true to your brand image and relative to your target audience. If you are offering life insurance, for example, you want to come off as reliable and trustworthy at all times. Depending on your prices though, your target audience can vary and you should address it accordingly.

2. Keep it short but powerful

No pressure here, but you have about 5 seconds to hook your audience! And since your video ad is playing on social media, the chances it is viewed on mute are high. That means you should start with a strong scene to immerse viewers right away. Keep it short and to the point, ideally no longer than 30 seconds.

3. Appeal to emotion

People respond to emotions, not logic. Merely pointing out features won't do any good. Take advantage of the power of storytelling. Use real people instead of animated characters. Make viewers imagine using your product, or how their life would be without it. Inspiring positive emotions like safety and acceptance is generally