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How to showcase your Product or Service through a Video Commercial

A big step for the boosting of your product’s or service’s sales is a video commercial. Considering the effort, time, and money that a quality video requires, it would be a shame to let your product get lost in the image. However, there is a way to ensure that your product will be properly showcased in your video.

In this article, I’m going to show you the ways that you can be sure that your product or service is the real protagonist of your video.

Guide your Script Writer

There is no better person than you to guide your script writer. Only you know the aim of your product or service, the philosophy of your company, and your customer’s needs. Explain all those things to the writer, as well as any additional information, and have him create a story or setting that fits your product’s special needs.

Research your Customer Base

The first step to even create your product or service is to recognize your customer’s needs. Moreover, this knowledge also helps your marketing strategy, in which your video commercial is a part of. So, use all the available information to you, in order to add an enticing storytelling to your video. This will lead to engaged viewers that are sure to be turned into customers.

Consult with your Director

Before shooting your commercial consult with your director. Overview the storyboard and have him explain to you the shots that he has planned. Make sure that everything is according to the data you have on your customers’ tastes. The director is there to help you bring your vision to life, by creating shots that will showcase your product.

Invest on a Good Director of Photography

Apart from a good director, it is essential to also hire a good director of photography. It might not be apparent at first, but lighting is one of the most important technical elements of your video. The director of photography will know how to create beautiful lighted and colored scenes, creating an eye-catching image that your customers won’t be able to ignore. He will also cooperate with the director, resulting into a cinematic and professional looking video commercial.

Book a Professional Sound Engineer

So far, we’ve only talked about the image of your video commercial. However, it is equally important to also take care of your audio quality. For this reason, you need to find a professional sound engineer. He will get a quality recording of the sound during the shooting. Remember that a good-looking and a good-sounding video is sure to stand out among all of the commercials that are available everywhere.

Bonus tip: Invest on a Colorist

This is an optional tip, but it is the extra mile to go in order to create a truly stunning video commercial. If you have the extra budget and want your image to be impressive, you should hire a colorist. He will take the good work of the cinematographer and create an absolutely best-looking one. The shades and the colors will be polished in a way that will attract attention to your video. Indeed, coloring will give your video commercial a more professional and cinematic feel.

If you make sure that all of the above points are followed, you are in the right way in creating a video commercial that will showcase your product or service. Although if you need a video production company to help you with all of this then send me a messege from the contact form below


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